Perennial Racing Champion Luke Sathoff of Jackson on Left Turn Tuesday

Tue 5-9-2023

The 2022 Fairmont Raceway track championship in the stock car division is just the latest title won by Luke Sathoff. He is a third-generation racer with his family involved in the sport since the 1950s.

“My dad raced when I was a kid and when I was 18 I bought a car. Kind of an addiction. You get hooked to it. Obviously racing itself is fun and then the competition. I also like building the cars. I do a lot of the work myself. For this year I want to stay mostly local with the stock car and support the local tracks. Just kind of go for fun and just kind of go to some of the specials and stuff like that,” Sathoff says. 

His racing resume features at least 15 points championships in the stock car and more than 100 main event wins. That number also includes success in the late model class that he will continue running in 2023 after starting that new challenge a few years ago.

You can hear much more from Luke Sathoff as our guest on this week’s edition of "Left Turn Tuesday".

Left Turn Tuesday - May 8, 2023 (Luke Sathoff)