JCC Sophomore Emma Haren Participates in College Volleyball Prep Program

Thu 1-13-2022

Jackson County Central sophomore Emma Haren got the chance to participate in the American Volleyball Coaches Association Phenom College Prepatory Program, which was held in Ohio. Haren says it was definitely worth participating. Haren cut 1 (1) 

"We did a lot of testing especially for vertical. They recorded height and then they had a bunch of college coaches come in the second day and they watched you play and that was really good exposure for me." 

 Haren got the chance to play in front of college coaches from across the nation while also learning things she can implement during next year's season for the Huskies. haren cut 2 

"I learned a lot about serving form and a lot about being a better team player in general to help what kind of player you are on the court like how that helps the rest of your team."  

This was the 10th year the program has been held and the event is designed to prepare and educate participants and their parents about playing volleyball at the collegiate level. Haren is currently a sophomore at Jackson County Central.