Carter Ahrens signs with William Penn University

Thu 4-22-2021

Carter Ahrens, Senior at JCC, signed a letter of intent to play basketball at William Penn University. JCC head coach Alex Hein talks about what its like to see his players continue on after high school. 4-21-21 Hein Cut 1 

"its always exciting to see someone move on, continue their dream of playing the game. Kinda proud of the program you have too just because they love playing the game and that they wanna continue to play the game so it says something about what they did while they were in the program. I'm just super excited for him that he gets a chance to continue to play the game. He's gonna work hard like he always has. I'm just excited to watch him play at the next level."

Ahrens talks about what his though process was in choosing William Penn University. 4-21-21 Ahrens cut 1 

"really like the campus, really like their  facilities and everything and just really felt like a place I could go and see myself at and playing so it kinda made the decision pretty easy for me."

Ahrens says time management will be a key to his success. 4-21-21 4-21-21 Ahrens Cut 2 

"cause I know their basetball schedule gets pretty busy so probably just trying to balance those two out so I can stay on top of my grades as well."

William Penn University is located in Oskaloosa, IA.