Boys Volleyball Was Approved to Become a MSHSL Sanctioned Sport

Tue 5-9-2023

The Minnesota State High School League's Representative Assembly convened for its annual meeting today and passed two Bylaw amendments. One for Adapted Athletics and one for Boys Volleyball. The 48-member Representative Assembly is the legislative body of the League that is responsible for creating and amending bylaws. The last time boys' volleyball was up for a vote to become sanctioned by the MSHSL it failed by one vote. It needed 37 and only got 36 in favor. This time it passed with 39 yes votes. Boys' volleyball will become a sanctioned sport in the 2024-25 season. With the approval of the Boys Volleyball bylaw amendment, Minnesota becomes the 25th state association to sanction the sport. Nearly 2,000 participants are currently playing through the Minnesota Boys High School Volleyball Association.  This summer, the League, through a task force of member school representatives, will begin the process to determine when the Boys Volleyball season of competition will take place.  

The approved bylaw amendment for adapted athletics includes updated definitions on length of season, number of contests and other language that is specific to the Adapted Athletics programs and differs from non-adapted sports. The creation of these bylaws also supports students in adapted sports in participating in multiple sports.