Snow emergencies declared for the weekend storm

Fri 3-8-2019

The Cities of Jackson and Lakefield have declared snow emergencies in anticipation of this weekend’s winter storm from 1 a.m. Saturday through the day on Monday.   Residents are asked to have their cars and any trailers, campers, garbage cans and any other objects off the street.  Vehicles left on the street will be ticketed and possibly towed. 

Assuming the storm materializes as forecast, crews will be out plowing on Saturday to keep the roads open.  They will also be out Sunday as well.  With the wind forecast they will also likely need out on Monday too.  

We apologize for the inconvenience, however, with the streets as narrow as they are it is especially important that the streets be cleared of obstacles when the plows are out.  The Cities of Jackson and Lakefield thank all residents for their patience and cooperation!