FYI (For Your Information)

Wed 5-22-2019

Wednesday, May 22: Barb Fell - Jackson Center for the Arts FYI May 22 Barb Fell JCFA FINAL 

Tuesday, May 21: Sheriff Shawn Haken - Pedestrian traffic event FYI Shawn Haken May 21 LIVE 

Wednesday, May 15: Tom Nelson - Jackson EDA FYI Tom Nelson EDA May 15 

Tuesday, May 14: Jeff Gay - Veterans Services with Tom Lyon (Minnesota Military Radio) FYI Jeff Gay Tom Lyon May 14 19 LIVE 

Friday, May 3: Kerri Henderson - Girls Night Out FYI Girls Night Out Kerri Henderson May 3 

Wednesday, May 1: National Day of Prayer FYI National Day of Prayer May 1 


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2019 MN State FFA Interviews

Wed 5-1-2019

JCC Ag Mechanics JCC Ag Mechanics 

JCC Ag Sales JCC Ag Sales 

JCC Alternates JCC Alternates 

JCC Bailey Wessels JCC Bailey Wessels 

JCC Conduct of Meetings JCC Conduct of Meetings 

JCC Crop Team JCC Crop Team 

JCC Dairy Judging JCC Dairy Judging 

JCC Farm Management JCC Farm Ma 

JCC Fish and Wildlife JCC Fish and Wildlife

JCC Floraculture JCC Floraculture 

JCC Forestry JCC Forestry 

JCC Meats JCC Meats 

JCC Milk Quality JCC Milk Quality 

JCC Miscellaneous Students JCC Misc Students  

JCC Miscellaneous Students 2 JCC Misc Students 2 

JCC Nursery Landscape JCC Nursery Landscape 

JCC Parliamentary Procedure JCC Parlimentary Procedure 

JCC Poultry JCC Poultry 

JCC Soils JCC Soils

JCC Small Animals JCC Small Animals 

JCC Victoria Murdoch JCC Murdoch Victoria  

MCW Ag Sales MCW Ag Sales 

MCW Farm Management MCW Farm Management 

MCW Small Animals MCW Small Animals 

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