Winter weather expected to exit area today

Fri 4-12-2019

Another April Winter storm has hit our area and it looks like the worst, at least weather wise, has moved through.  Meteorologist Janice Moldanado with the NWS in Sioux Falls says we should see some light snow this morning…

 “We’re looking actually the snow will slowly diminish throughout the day.  So we’re expected for Jackson for today, the snow should be out of their area by around noon into early afternoon. We’re talking into an additional probably less than half inch of snow possible for your area.”

Winds could be a factor this morning as well…

 “We will continue breezy to windy.  Highest gusts are expected mainly during the morning hours.  We’re talking gusts from 30-35 miles per hour mainly in the morning, then decreasing to around miles per hour in the afternoon hours.”

The system is expected to move through the area this afternoon, with dryer and warmer conditions through the weekend, before rain move back in early next week.