Windom man charged in death of infant

Tue 12-4-2018

A Windom man is facing murder charges following the death of his infant child back in July.

Last week, 25-year-old Zachariah James Baker was charged with second and third degree murder in Cottonwood County Court.

According to the criminal complaint, Baker woke up around 5am on July 8th, because the two-month-old child was fussing. Then around 5:20 a.m., Baker woke up the victim's mother, telling her that the baby was unresponsive.

An autopsy found a neck hemorrhage and retinal hemorrhages in both eyes, as well as skull fractures. Baker says he remembers possibly hitting the baby's head on the crib, but didn't think it was that hard.

Baker's court appearance is set for December 11th at 11 a.m. He is currently in Cottonwood County jail with bail set at $500,000.