Target area for winter weather becoming clearer

Wed 4-10-2019

A Severe Winter storm is bearing down on our area, and as the system moves closer, meteorologist Kyle Weisner with the National Weather Service in Sioux Falls outlines what we can expect today…

“Jackson’s similar to Sioux Falls, is kind of stuck on the gradient of rain to freezing rain to snow as we get into tonight and tomorrow, so no easy answers there for the Jackson area.  This morning though, we will see a band of snow, maybe a little sleet like you said, maybe even a brief period of freezing rain this morning it’s just kind of a messy set up.  For now, other than the poor timing, which some of this snowfall is going to be occurring during the morning rush, not expecting a ton of snowfall out of this this morning, but anywhere from a half an inch to two inches of snowfall during the morning hours this morning.”

As it stands now, the heavier snow will be to our north, but we could see increased icing along the I-90 corridor…

 “The farther north of I90 you go, the better chance is you’ll see of getting some higher snowfall amounts.  We did bump up some icing amount along I-90, so that will be some trend to watch out for, I-90 anywhere from Sioux Fall to Luverne to Jackson is right on that border of rain to freezing rain to snow so you just go from Spencer Iowa where we’re expecting just a half an inch of snow and no icing to Jackson where we’re kind of forecasting right around anywhere from about one to three inches of snow and a quarter to a half inch of ice and up toward Marshall we’re looking at 15 or 20 inches of snowfall.  I think any travel west and north will be fairlytreacherous as we get into tonight and tomorrow and you know heading south, I guess, not quote as many problems.”

That was meteorologist Kyle Weisner, speaking with KKOJ News.  As always, we’ll keep you up to date on all the weather announcements and information right here on KKOJ.