Sons of Norway to meet Feb. 17 in Windom

Tue 2-6-2018

The local Sons of Norway Stavanger Lodge #538 will host their next monthly meeting on Saturday, February 17th, at the Cottonwood County Historical Society, 812 4th Ave. in Windom, MN. The meeting will begin at 9:30 AM with a unique program that includes involvement with all attendees.

The program encompasses an invitation for all members and guests at the meeting to a “Show and Tell.”  Attendees are asked to bring along a photo, an item/object or a story to share and tell how it reflects a special experience from their lives. Sharing is requested from either a special Valentine’s Day, birthday or Christmas memory. Studies show that sharing memories is not only a good way to reminisce, but telling stories can draw people together. It strengthens connections, builds friendships, and allows empathy in many ways. Plus, sharing feelings of joy and laughter helps understand one another better and can give each person a sense of well-being.

Talking about the past also helps create and maintain our individual and shared identities, and allows us to know who we are – whether as individuals, groups or communities.  Memories provide a database of evidence for events that have been experienced and what each memory means to each of us. When a person misses out on an event, sharing a memory of it can shape their identity, too. Recounting “intergenerational” stories and events from one’s own or parents/grandparents’ lives also shows a sense of cultural identity.

Refreshments will be served at the meeting. The public is cordially invited to come and attend this special fun program free of charge. Guests are always welcome at any Son of Norway meeting.

The mission of the Sons of Norway is to promote, preserve and cherish a lasting appreciation for the heritage and culture of Norway and other Nordic cultures while growing soundly as a fraternal benefit society and offering maximum benefits to its members. The local Stavanger Lodge was chartered in 1974 and currently has approximately 65 members. The Lodge meets on the 3rd Thursday evening of each month from April through October, and on the 3rd Saturday morning from November through March.

For more information about Sons of Norway or the February meeting, please contact Harvey Pedersen, Stavanger 1-538 Sons of Norway President, at (507) 445-3188.