Snow removal and lighting take center stage at Jackson Council Meeting Monday

Tue 2-6-2018

The Jackson City Council met in regular session last (Monday) night in the Council Chambers at City Hall.  The meeting was called to order at 6:30pm with Councilman Matt Madden the only member absent.

Luke Ewald with Community Wellness Partners gave the Council an overview of activities the SHIP program has been working on the last couple of years, along with a preview of what they are working on in 2018.

Pastor Steve DeKok, of the First Baptist Church, addressed the council regarding keeping a trailer at the City-County Maintenance Facility.  The church is the Financial Host for Ruby’s Pantry, and they have a 6’ x 10’ trailer that holds items needed for the monthly distribution of Ruby’s Pantry that they would like to store at the Maintenance Facility.  Staff at the facility say there is ample room for storage, but it needs to be approved by both the City Council and County Commission.  The Council approved storing the trailer at the facility.  DeKok will address the County Commission today (Tuesday).

Mitch Jasper addressed the council regarding snow removal and other issues.  Jasper stated that when he was mayor, they had a snow policy downtown that business owners could move snow from sidewalks and parking lots onto the street and City crews would remove the snow, but that this policy had changed.  Street Superintendent Phil Markman stated that the current policy allows for snow from sidewalks to be moved onto the streets, but that the City has not allowed snow from parking lots to be moved onto the street during his time with the City.  Jasper stated that if the City is going to change the policy, they should change it for the positive for downtown businesses.

Jasper talked about water from the City parking lot downtown draining onto his property and pooling.  This will be addressed when the weather warms up and staff can see what is happening. 

There are light poles on Jasper’s property that were put in when the trail was put in that were turned off when he purchased the property.  Jasper stated that there was an agreement that these lights would stay on, and he would like them turned back on.  City staff will review the agreement.

Lastly, Jasper expressed concern over damage to electrical box lids on the sidewalks in downtown Jackson.  It appears that these were damaged during snow removal and that there were openings in the lids that could allow someone to reach inside, presenting a serious safety issue.  The council directed City staff to look into the issue and address if needed.

Jasper stated he has several other concerns, but in the essence of time, he would schedule an appointment and review with City Attorney Brad Anderson.

In other action, the Council accepted, with regrets, a letter of retirement for Water Superintendent Steve Beckel.  Beckel has worked for the city for over 29 years.  His last day will be April 30, 2018.

The meeting was adjourned to closed session at 7:15pm.  In returning to open session, the city council unanimously voted to accept the purchase agreement for the EDA's twin home south unit located at 258 North Pond Drive. The unit will be sold for $120,000. 

The next meeting of the Jackson City Council will be on Tuesday, February 20th at 6:30pm in the Council Chambers at City Hall.