Severe weather leaves damage on Saturday

Mon 8-12-2019

Severe weather over the weekend left some minor damage to the Windom area and flooding in Fairmont.

Tornado warnings were issued Saturday for portions of Jackson, Cottonwood and Martin Counties.  Confirmed funnels were reported in Cottonwood and Martin counties.

The National Weather Service in Sioux Falls estimates that an EF-0 tornado hit Windom Saturday evening, with winds between 65-85mph.  The damage track was reportedly around 100 feet wide and started behind a home near River Road and 13th Street, continued through the fairgrounds, Winfair Elementary and along 15th Street then jumped the highway and went up 16th Street toward Cottonwood Lake.

The Cottonwood County Fairgrounds received some damage to buildings.  The Cottonwood County Fair is scheduled to start tomorrow (Tuesday). The Riverfest Fireworks Can Bin also appears to be destroyed.

The City of Windom is planning a tree debris cleanup for the areas affected.

Funnel clouds were also reported near Welcome and East Chain in Martin County.  There were no confirmed touchdowns or report of damage.