Sarah Morris and Nigil Egg to perform at JCFA

Fri 1-11-2019

The third performance of the Winter Concert Series will be held tomorrow (Friday) night at the Jackson Center for the Arts in Jackson.  Performing will be Minnesota singer/songwriters Nigil Egg and Sarah Morris.  Egg talks about being influenced by the blues in England…Nigil Egg cut 

 “I started playing Blues Music actually in high school.  Just asked to sing with the high school Rock and Roll band, they were looking for a vocalist, and it just so happened that they were into blues and that was really my first taste of doing blues music.  Learning some of the songs that John Mayall did, and Eric Clapton and people like that.”

Sarah Morris outlines what to expect during the show…Sarah Morris 

 “I think you’re going to get your really intimate performances of song that we’ve written, plus the stories of the songs behind them.  And I think that Nigil and I will be a really fun duo, we write fairly different styles, but yet they’re complimentary so I think, I’m going to be there as a fan as much as I am a performer.  It’s gonna to be a really fun evening.”

The concert starts at 7:30pm, with doors opening at 7pm.  General admission tickets are $12, $10 for JCA Sponsors.