November weather continues recent trend

Tue 12-3-2019

November’s weather stayed with the trend as temperatures were slightly cooler than normal with considerably more precipitation.

Average high temperature for the month was 37 degrees, almost six degrees cooler more than the average high of 42.6 degrees.  Average low was 23.7, almost a degree below the average low of 24.5.  The highest temperature recorded was 52 degrees, which we hit on the 20th.  The lowest was 1, which we hit twice, on the 7th and 12th.

There were 14 days in November with measureable precipitation, totaling 2.62 inches.  Average precipitation for the month is 1.45 inches.  Normally, we receive around 5.2” of snow in November, but more than doubled that, receiving 12.5” this year. 

Last year, we received 2.12” of rain in November with 7” of snow.  Temperatures this year were much higher than last year.  Average highs and lows were over 6 degrees warmer this year.