JCC Knowledge Bowl competes at MCC

Tue 2-11-2020

The JCC High School had 4 teams competing at Monday night’s Knowledge Bowl competition at Murray County Central High School.

The JCC 1 team, consisting of Logan Kooistra, James Tillman, Lucas Vesey and Kie Anderson placed 3rd out of 30 teams competing.

Other teams competing were JCC 2 consisting of Daybonte Gottsche, Tori Vesey, Alex Fullerton and Chance Meyer, JCC 3 consisting of Austin Braun, Audien Kraft, Jackson Croatt and Emma Singler and the JCC 4 team of  Ryne Pauling, Rachel Tusa, Avery Jensen and Patricia Ontiri.

The JCC Knowledge Bowl teams are next scheduled to compete on Friday, February 28th.