JCC Food Service providing student meals

Tue 3-24-2020

With the temporary closure of the JCC Schools, JCC Food service has been working to provide meals to students who may not otherwise have access with schools closed.  JCC Foodservice Director Kari Rubitschung outlines what they are doing…Kari Food Service cut 1 

“We were able to implement, have meals at two locations, one in Jackson and one in Lakefield.  At Jackson, it’s here at JCC High School, door #12, it’s the auxiliary gym door.  In Lakefield, it’s at Pleasantview Elementary, and on the north side of Pleasantview is that parking lot, kind of in the back of the building, and that’s what we use.  We utilize, because of the nature of the closure, you want that social distancing and avoid contact if possible.  We want to make sure we kind of have a drive through system so parents can drive up and get meals for their kids and we just keep things going.  It’s been busy.”


Hours are from 10:30am to 12:30pm and meals are free to students.  Rubitschung also states they will distribute the Food 4 Kids packs on Friday…Kari Food Service cut 2

“We’ve been able to work with Jackson County Food for Kids.  That was another concern that we had because we have so many families that are signed up for those food packs for the weekends.  So we were able to work with them, and last Friday we were able to hand out food packs to families.  Now there was a lot of families that weren’t able to come through, weather wasn’t exactly convenient last week, but we have a lot of those food packs sitting here so anyone that didn’t pick up food packs last Friday would certainly be welcome to come and  pick those up today.”


That was JCC Food Service Director Kari Rubitschung, speaking with KKOJ News.