January weather a tale of two halves

Mon 2-4-2019

January weather in our area must have confused the month with March, as conditions came in like a lamb, but definitely went out like a lion.

The average high temperature for the month was 20.65 degrees and the average low was 5.4, which are very similar to the average high of 23.5 and low of 5.2, but it was, very much, a tale of two halves.  Average high for the first 15 days of January was 31 degrees, vs. just 11 for the last 16.  Average low for the first half was 18.3 vs. -6.8 below for the last half.  Highest recorded temperature was 42, which we hit on the 4th.  Lowest was a new record low of -27 hit on the 30th.  We also set record lows of -25 on the 29th and -23 on the 31st.

There were 5 days of snow during the month with a total snowfall of 13 inches, over 4 inches over the average snowfall of 8.5 inches.