January Terrific Kids honored at Riverside Elementary

Sat 2-3-2018

Terrific Kids were recognized on Friday, February 2nd at Riverside Elementary in Jackson.

Students recognized include:


Jackson Veen (Pre-K) – son of Charles & Tonya Veen

Brielle Mouw (3rd) – daughter of Ashley Nagel

Selina Zhang (4th) – daughter of Tony & Nancy Zhang

Aidan Rowland (4th) – son of Richard & Tori Rowland

Mason Foster (4th) – son of Shawn & Melissa Foster

Baylee Pietrowski (4th) – daughter of Brandi Bolte



James Zimmerman (3rd) – son of Dale & Theresa Carr

Kendall Matt (5th) – daughter of Wesley & Jessica Matt and Brent & Amber Winter



Dominic Sargent (3rd) – son of Nathan & Chelsey Sargent

Kallee Nelson (4th) – daughter of Chad & Charlene Nelson

Rachel Mohr (5th) – daughter of Bark & Carrie Mohr



Neahmia Hoody (5th) – son of Antonia & Olivia Saddler-Hoody