Jackson native David Ellefson back for honor

Wed 10-10-2018

(Jackson, Mn.)-- Jackson native David Ellefson was back in town yesterday (Tues.) for a very special honor. Mayor Wayne Walter proclaimed October 9th as David Ellefson Day in Jackson. 

Ellefson visited with former teachers and classmates at the JCC High School before presenting a version of his bass story to the student body and public. Ellefson talks about the feeling of coming home... 

"And it's funny, when now the day actually happened, it wasn't in any sort of like I'll show them, it was sort of like a very, I mean I'm very humbled, you know. It's a very esteemed honor to have and I guess being a little bit older you realize everything that you go through. I mean we've seen some stuff. 35 years in Megadeath and this has not been an easy journey, you know. It's great to celebrate now because we're all older, we survived it, we made a couple of bucks, we've got some platinum records on the wall, so we've got some things to celebrate."

During the program Ellefson announced the creation of the David Ellefson Youth Music Foundation to benefit under priviliged children and underfunded school music programs...  

"The truth of it is if that if you're always just taking it for yourself, when you die it's over. And I think what my dad instilled in me was good midwest values, farm values, and that is you always need to keep giving back. Because it's sort of like the river. When you get some you give more back, and the river keeps flowing. I mean it's like that with money, it's like that with fame, it's like that with music, with anything. So that's why we formed this David Ellefson Youth Music Foundation, this non-profit, was to do just that, to keep laying the track so the train can keep going, because otherwise this thing kind of just runs out of track." 

Also during the program Ellefson donated a number of guitars and amps to the Jackson County Central music program.