Jackson Co Relay for Life to see big changes this year

Wed 3-25-2020

The Jackson County Relay for Life will see a number of changes this year, starting with the chair.  Long-time Relay Chair Lavonne Reif is stepping down, and Sara Thompson will take over as Chair.  Thompson says one of the big changes this year will be the location…Relay Changes cut 1 

“We decided that we needed to do something big, for a change.  Not that Jackson Fairgrounds hasn’t been great, but we just decided it was time to make a big change and get it more centrally located and we are going to do it in Lakefield at the North City Park.  And that will be at the heart of the county so maybe we can pull a few more people from the other side of the county that hasn’t come over this way for the event in the past.”


There will be a number of changes to the event as well…Relay Changes cut 2 

“So there will be quite a bit of change this year.  We are not going to have an actual opening ceremonies or anything like that.  It’s going to more of just a Night to Fight, where the community will come together and just support each other.  We will have some entertainment that will take place during the meal time frame and that, but we’re not going to have an actual ceremony like we did in the past so it’ll just be, people will be able to just visit, support each other, show their support of one another.  We’re doing some other different things as well.  Instead of luminaries this year, we’re going to do what we call a Wall of Honor and people will purchase an actual ribbon and we will put their name on it and then we’re going to display them on a wall so that will be entirely different as well.”


That was Jackson County Relay for Life chair Sara Thompson, speaking with KKOJ News.