First major winter storm bearing down on our area

Tue 11-26-2019

The first round of severe winter weather is expected to impact the area today and tomorrow.  A Winter Storm Warning has been issued for much of our listening area.  NWS Meteorologist Alex Trellinger outlines what we can expect…Alex NWS 11 26 Cut 1 

“So we are expecting some snow here, mostly in the afternoon time frame.  The morning is going to be pretty slow here in the Jackson area, but once we get into the afternoon and evening hours we are expecting more of this snow to formulate up there.  One of the other big issues we have with this system is it’s going to be pretty windy so we are expecting wind gusts out there to be 40, possibly up to 50 miles per hour later this evening.”


This is expected to impact travel…Alex NWS 11 26 cut 2

“We are expecting periods of white-out conditions, but not sustained or anything like that. And that’s going to be primarily an issue on the open roads, when you’re on the Interstate.  Not so much in the city areas.”


Trellinger says we could expect around 8-12 inches total.  The snow should taper tomorrow but winds look to remain a factor…Alex NWS 11 26 cut 3 

“The snow in the Jackson area is going to be heading out tomorrow morning.  Most of it should be out of there by around 8am.  But we do still have some strong winds out there after that, so even though it won’t be snowing, we do expect some gusty winds still, so drifting snow is still going to be an issue in that part.”


Anyone traveling is urged to take caution when out on the roads…Alex NWS 11 26 cut 4 

“Yes, that is absolutely correct.  Anyone who is going to be traveling during this time frame, we highly recommend checking the forecast before you go, check the road conditions before you go, and in your car make sure you have a winter weather kit ready, have blankets, have food, have water just in case something happens and you get stranded out there.”


As always keep your radio tuned to KKOJ.  We will keep you up to date on the latest weather announcement and information as this system moves through our area.