First day of spring brings winter weather

Thu 3-19-2020

A winter weather system is expected to move into our area today.  NWS Meteorologist Andy Kahlin with the NWS in Sioux Falls outlines what we can expect…Kahlin weather 3-19 cut 1 

“So we should see rain through the morning hours here.  That rain should transition over to snow by mid-afternoon or so, and that snow should continue into the early or mid –evening hours.  We’ll also see gusty northerly winds increase through the afternoon and evening hours with some gusts up near 40-45 mph, and that’s the reason for the Winter Weather Advisory is potential ofthe combination of snow and wind and also falling temperatures could refreeze any wet surfaces.”


The primary uncertainty with this system is the temperature…Kahlin weather 3-19 cut 2 

 “The track is pretty certain.  The uncertainty comes in, as far as, when the rain will switch to snow.  That will ultimately impact the snow amount.  There is still some uncertainty with that ‘cause that comes down to just a single degree of temperature or so.”

That was NWS Meteorologist Andy Kahlin.