Federated gets power restored

Mon 4-15-2019

(JACKSON, MN) – After several very difficult days, Federated has now restored power to all of their customers. 

            Federated General Manager Scott Reimer says there is still a lot of storm clean up to do, and restoring the system to where it was will probably take more than a year.

Former Federated Rick Barud, who was helping out during the outage, said that the crews put in a lot of work dealing with the outages…

“They went the first 36 hours straight, and then that get’s kinda dangerous so we called them in, they had to have some sleep, so then once we got all these crews in, we’re going sun up to sun down.”


And they got a lot of help from other organizations…

 “You can’t thank the people coming in from other area enough.  You know, they leave their families and go into the worst situation.  And we’ve had some problems, some trucks have broke down and they’ve been trying to fix them, but that comes with when you put them through that stress that they get put on there, so it’s gonna be ok.  Thankfully, the one good part about it wasn’t 30 below, you know, that make it a lot worse for people, human, you know, they can get around now and get to town and probably get something to eat, like you said yesterday they were in the café having something to eat and had to plug in their phones.”


Barud says a big thank you to all the farmers who helped out with the trucks…

 “Then I can’t miss the farmers that in the area that are helping pull these massive trucks out of the ditch.  You gotta remember now what we got now is it’s warm, and when they back those big trucks into those ditches to set a new pole, which we got 350 poles down, They can’t get out.  They’ve got 4-wheel drive with chains on and they can’t get out so the tractors are there, the farmers in the area are really pretty good, they see this, they want their power back on and they know the only way they’re going to get it is help.  So they’ve been out there with their big tractors, and grab onto the front of them truck, and if they get their 4 wheel drive big tractor going with the 4 wheel drive trucks with chains, they pop out of the ditch, and then go into another pole and they sit there and wait for them to pull the next one out, so those people have really been great too.”


In the End, Barud says it’s all about people…

 “People coming in the office with fresh banana bread and they say ‘Get this to the lineman’ and people have been just really, really great and I mean that’s what it’s all about I guess is when you get right down to it, it’s people, people trying to help other people.”

Outages started April 10 due to the ice, wind and then snow. At the peak of the outages, 2,700 members or 40 percent were without power.            Federated is a Touchstone Energy Cooperative serving 6,700 members in Jackson and Martin Counties.