Feast with Friends on Thanksgiving Day

Wed 11-27-2019

If yesterday’s weather hampered your travel plans, or are just looking for a place to have Thanksgiving Dinner, the Feast with Friends Thanksgiving Community Dinner will be held tomorrow.  Holli Arp has more details…Holli TG cut 1 

“We’ve actually been hosting this at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church for more than 15 years now.  We will be having the Feast For Friends, we’ll start at 11:30 and welcome people to our Community Thanksgiving Diner.  There is a church service starting at 10:30 that people are welcome to attend, then the meal starts at 11:30 with a couple hundred of our closest friends”


This will be a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner…Holli TG cut 2

“We have all the trimmings, and people donate salads and pies and we have a variety of vegetables, stuffing, potatoes, turkey, all of the trimmings.”


A Free Will Donation will be accepted…Holli TG cut 3

“There is a free will donation, so come and give what you can, but most importantly it’s fellowship with friends in the community. So if you are a couple, or someone that’s alone and wondering where you can spend Thanksgiving meal with others, we are place that you can come and join.  We set it up more like a round table conversation so everyone has a chance to have conversation together.”


If you can’t make it, delivery of meals is available…Holli TG cut 4

“You can call the church office if you need a delivery or know of a shut-in.  The office number is 507-847-2956 and weather permitting we do deliveries.”


That is the Community Thanksgiving Dinner, Feast With Friends, starting at 11:30am tomorrow at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Jackson.