Downtown animal issues committee moves forward

Tue 1-14-2020

The committee discussing the animal issues downtown held their third meeting last night and coordinator Jeff Gay says that progress is being made…Jeff Gay 1 13 Cut 1 

“Last night everything seemed to kinda come together finally.  We’ve got the paperwork all ready to put in for our 501c3 rating as well as forming a corporation to oversee the project in the downtown and the overall county wide animal control problem.”


So what is the committee looking for…Jeff Gay 1 13 Cut 2

“We’re looking for land, we’re looking for a building, probably building our own building, getting funding, there’s a lot of steps that go into this but the largest thing right now is putting together a plan and taking that plan to the City Council, the other City Councils throughout the county ‘cause this is a county wide issue and the Board of Commissioners for the County.  Presently, there is no animal pound or shelter in Jackson County.  We’re the only county that doesn’t have one in all the counties surrounding us.  And that makes it really tough for the Sheriff and his Deputies to go ahead and find a place to put these animals if they get animal calls and have to pick one up.”


Gay encourages those who deal with the problems downtown to get involved in the process…Jeff Gay 1 13 cut 3

“Next meeting is next Monday at 5:30pm at Pizza Ranch and I would like to see as many people come as possible.  So far we haven’t had any of the people that have complained the most about the animal problem downtown so it makes me wonder if this is a perceived problem or it’s a real problem.  If you have an issue with them, come to the meeting and talk to us and be part of the solution.”


The next meeting of the Jackson downtown animal issue is on Monday, January 20th at 5:30pm at the Pizza Ranch in Jackson.