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KKOJ KRAQ Radio  Equal Employment Opportunity Policy 

Last Update: 12/01/2014

Kleven Broadcasting Company of Minnesota
Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

As a broadcast licensee of the Federal Communications Commission, Kleven Broadcasting Company of Minnesota affords equal employment opportunity in all personnel actions without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, or sex.

KKOJ-KRAQ Radio has a continuing interest in learning about background, qualifications, and other pertinent information about serious minded prospective employees. We seek the assistance of any and all organizations in helping us to carry out an effective, positive affirmative action program.

If your organization is willing to help us carry out this program, please respond in writing stating your desire to receive notification of current and future job vacancies. Provide your correct organization name, mailing address, email address (if available), telephone number and contact person. Please identify the category or categories of vacancies of which you would like to be notified. If you have any questions, please feel free to call 507-847-5400 and ask for Doug Johnson, General Manager, or you can e-mail us by clicking here.

KKOJ-KRAQ EEO Public file report for the period 12-01-13 through 11-30-14

1. List of all full time jobs filled: Announcer-news director-telemarketer position.

2. List of recruitment sources used to fill each vacancy: Due to exigent circumstances, no recruitment was done.

3. Description of Supplemental Outreach initiatives:
A. Co-sponsored job fair with Iowa Lakes Community College in March, 2014, including advertising, news, live broadcasts from the event and talking with students about the broadcasting field. Established an intern program to acquire skills for broadcast employment April through June 2014.

4. Recruitment sources used for each vacancy: See Number 2.

5. Total number of interviewees during the period, and total number of interviewees referred by each recruitment source: See Number 2.

Kleven Broadcasting Company of Minnesota
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