Voter registration deadline today in Minnesota

Tue 10-13-2020

Today (Tuesday 10/13) is the last day for Minnesota residents to pre-register for the November election. If you miss the deadline, officials say that doesn't mean you're out of options. By now, you might have received a notice reminding you to take care of your registration, if needed. Jean Prochniak oversees the election process in southern Minnesota's Brown County. She says any last-minute signups should be done online. After that, people can go to their local office as if they were voting early in person to take care of their registration and submit their ballot on the spot. But in some jurisdictions, there's a twist this time around...MN News Oct 13 cut 1 

  "Because of COVID, we're not doing that part of putting it right into the machine. We ask that voters complete their ballot, put it in the envelope, and process it as absentee."

Of course, you can also register if you plan to head to a polling location on Election Day, however it might take longer. As for absentee voting, the secretary of state says more than 40-percent of eligible voters in Minnesota have requested a ballot to mail in.

Despite some of the rhetoric claiming fraudulent activity surrounding this type of voting, Prochniak says people should have no reason to doubt the system. She says election offices across the state have a lot of protocols they have to follow...MN News Oct 13 cut 2 

  "We jump through a lot of hoops to make sure that we've got the right voter, and only get one vote per voter."

On October 20th, offices will start processing absentee ballots already sent in. With many more people going that route this year, Minnesota extended the deadline to send them in another seven days past the election. This week, that move survived a legal challenge.


**Story courtesy of Minnesota News Connection**