US Rep. Brad Finstad Says Farm Bill Needs More Time, But Will Be An Improvement

Fri 11-17-2023

(Unedited)- Drought has been a major concern this growing season, but now that we are getting into winter, local farmers and politicians in Washington D.C. alike are looking towards next year. Local representative Brad Finstad from Minnesota's 1st District says that the farm bill he is leading the craft of is coming together, but needs a bit more time...

brad quote 11-17-23 

“It allows us time to finish our work with the extension of the 5 year program. It also allows us to make sure that we get it right. The product and the success of the product is a lot more important than the speed right now, so hopefully here after the first of the year we can get the committee work done and then be able to put that new 5 year Farm Bill program out there sometime in the next few months.”

He says that this means current programs will not change, as the bill will stay in place until the new bill is fully finished. The extension of the old farm bill he says shows that work being done on the current one is intensive, and needs a bit more time in the oven.