Union State Line Church Hosting Soup And Pie Meal This Sunday At LaCanne Family Celebration Of Life Center

Fri 11-10-2023

(Jackson)- Union State Line Church in Petersburg is hosting a soup and pie meal this Sunday from 4-7 pm, in efforts to help pay for the new roof for the church and to bring community members together for a fun meal. Larry Clymer with the church talked on the Morning Juice about the events 26th year and that it is now at a different location...

Clymer 1 23 

“One little change this year that we felt was advantageous for everyone is that we've moved it from our church out in Petersburg up to the LaCanne Celebration of Life Center. Unfortunately, our church building is old and has stairs and not everybody likes that. So, through the generosity of the LaCanne Celebration of Life Center we've been able to get some space there and so, access is gonna be a lot easier it's all handicap accessible, and parking is much more convenient.”

The event is a free will donation to help keep the doors open at Union State Line Church. They'll have many different kinds of soup on their 26th year, even with the new location, and of course different types of pie as well.