UHD Enters Purchase Agreement With Dulcimer Medical

Tue 1-11-2022

(Blue Earth)- United Hospital District and Clinics has entered into a purchase agreement with Dulcimer Medical Center in Fairmont. This means that ownership of Dulcimer's land and buildings has been transferred to UHD.

UHD CEO Rick Ash says that while this may seem like things are going to change, that at least for a while that is not the case...

rick ash 1 

I don't think anyone has to worry about anything changing, I think of it as laying the foundation for the future, and leaving today to work because it's not broken.”

Dr. Parnell will be able to practice until he is ready to retire, and the agreement came due in part to concerns about what would happen to his practice when he was set to leave. Thanks to the agreement, his 36 employees will have somewhere to work once he does decide to retire.

Ash also mentioned that UHD and Dulcimer have already been working together for a while, and that the purchase agreement may bring further cooperation.

rick ash 2 

We'll probably talk about either some things that we can work together on maybe in the interim, until that retirement day comes along. But that's down the road a ways.”