SmartAsset Puts Jackson In Top 10 For Property Tax Value

Mon 3-13-2023

(Jackson)- A group has placed Jackson in the top places in Minnesota receiving the most value for their property taxes. SmartAsset studies where homes gained the most value over a five year period, and according to their most recently released study, Jackson County home values were among those that increased the most in a five year window.

Out of the top 10 locations on the list, southwest Minnesota had a few representatives, with cities like Marshall at number 5, Redwood at number 6, and local Jackson at number 10. Honing in on our local area, Jackson County saw a home value growth percentage of 71.23% over the five year period, a home growth rate index of 50.50, and a school rating of 3.0. The website uses this information to determine where people are getting the most value for their property tax dollars. They analyze quality of schools, change in property tax value, and property tax index to come up with this ranking.