Protests in St. Paul, Des Moines remain peaceful

Thu 1-7-2021

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Hundreds of supporters of President Donald Trump gathered at the Minnesota Capitol in St. Paul to protest against the certification of Joe Biden as the winner of the presidential election.

The demonstration was heavy on speeches and chants in opposition to both the outcome of the election and the emergency measures implemented in Minnesota to stop the spread of COVID-19. There were no arrests. But because of the protests, Minnesota state troopers have stepped up security at the state Capitol complex, which has been fenced off since last summer’s unrest after the death of George Floyd. 

Nearly 100 people gathered at the Iowa Capitol to support President Donald Trump and express opposition to the Electoral College count.

Iowa State Patrol spokesman Alex Dinkla says the peaceful rally Wednesday in the Capitol rotunda drew about 90 people at its height and then dwindled to about 40 people.

The protesters had informed Capitol security about their plans to hold the rally. Two groups attended with one focusing on prayer while another was more vocal, chanting USA-themed slogans and singing patriotic songs.