Okoboji 100 To Be Held Again This Year On East Lake Okoboji

Fri 1-7-2022

(Okoboji)– A professional snowmobile racing event is coming back to the Iowa Great Lakes for another year. Jantina Carney of the Dickinson County Snowhawks says the Okoboji 100 will be held on East Lake Okoboji Saturday and Sunday, January 22nd and 23rd. Carney says the racing will get underway at 9:00 am each morning…

Carney1 1-7 

And it’s going to be even bigger and better this year. We’ve got professional racers from all over the United States: Arizona, you know, out to the east coast coming. They’re professional racers but we also have some local kids that, you know, hey, we’re going to give it a shot, give it a whirl, see what we can do, so.”

Carney says the course will be a little different this year…

Carney2 1-7 

The start and finish line will still remain at Parks Marina and that’s a great place for you to come and watch because there is a great spectator area there. This year we’re not able to go through the narrows so we’ll be using more of East Lake like you said, heading towards the Ritz, in front of Chalstrom Beach and then on the southern side of East Lake Okoboji as well.

Carney urges people in those areas to use some extra caution on the days of the races…

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Obviously you can watch from the lake. You know the track will be marked greatly and we are a recreational lake so we can’t stop people from enjoying the lake. We just ask them that day to be cautious and, you know, people with the orange vests if you have questions just ask them because they’ll be able to direct you as to where you need to go and where you need to stay away from.”

Carney says the participants will be vying for more than $10,000 in cash prizes.