Mike Gruhlke Talks About Safety And The Different Upcoming Hunting Seasons

Fri 11-12-2021

(Jackson)- Last weekend was the opener of the deer season, and thanks to the unseasonably warm weekend a lot of hunters were able to get out and get hunting. Mike Gruhlke of the DNR says, according to his knowledge, the weekend was very safe. The upcoming weekend will also be apart of that season, though the 14th will be the final day. 

Gruhlke also talked about safety, and employing what you learn at firearms safety is key. He says to always remember what you're shooting at and what is around you...

"Knowing what your target is and what's beyond your target. That knowledge alone can help avert most situations."

What is beyond your target is huge, if another hunter is beyond your target you may risk getting them caught in the crossfire, and so forth. He also says to war blaze orange or blaze pink and have a plan, wherever you go...

"Make a plan, and stick to that plan, if you deviate from it you just as well had not made the plan in the first place."

He says to know where you're going, how you're going to tackle the location you've picked, and what challenges the location may present in terms of paths, other hunters, and more. 

Archery season will continue through December 31st.

Muzzle Loader season starts November 27th and ends December 12th.

Pheasant season continues and as does squirrel and rabbit seasons.