Mike Gruhlke Notes Where To Put Deer Carcasses And More After Processing

Thu 11-18-2021

(Jackson)- Mike Gruhlke of the Jackson area DNR talked about seasons, safety, and of course dumping of carcasses after hunters have processed them. He noted that sometimes after and during the deer season, some carcasses are left where they shouldn't be. Gruhlke urged hunters to make sure they knew where to dump carcasses.

Hunters who process their own deer cannot dispose of the carcass on public land, and that does include wildlife management areas, waterfowl production areas, state forests, road rights of way, or any water bodies.”

There are still ways to dispose of the carcasses though, some options include dumping on private property with permission of a land owner, refuse haulers, with permission, and at local landfills if they accept carcasses.

He also noted that small game or fish also counts as litter, so if it is left on public lands it would be treated as such and would still mean that hunters would possibly get fined for leaving those things behind.