JEDC's Dave Schmidt Gives Update On Local Constructions And New Businesses

Wed 6-22-2022

(Jackson)- Dave Schmidt from the Jackson Economic Development Corporation talked about the many businesses opportunities here in Jackson, and also spoke at length about some of the opportunities for help through the Small Cities Grant which was awarded to Jackson. He says Subway and Cabin Coffee are both looking at a likely early to mid September to open in the new multi-tenant building near I-90, he also spoke about another addition to Industrial Parkway, LaCanne Celebration of Life Center which will soon have its open house, and then about the Dollar Tree Combo Store, a 10,500 square foot new facility which had its groundbreaking only recently...

Dave update 1 

“So they're gonna be located in the lot between our multi-tenant building and 71 right there on the corner, and it's a project we've been working on for over a year and really nice to see that come to fruition. So it'll be a Family Dollar and all their merchandise but then they have a Dollar Tree section, so it's kind of like getting the best of both worlds. And it'll be probably 40 to 50 percent bigger than the location the Family Dollar is in right now. We're excited about seeing some increased offerings for products up there and a little more services and it should help benefit the community of Jackson.”

Schmidt also spoke about the money that may be received as part of the Small Cities Grant, and how that money can be used by citizens here in Jackson, as well as changes to the program...

Dave update 2 

“They made a change last year and if you're in a community of under 5000 there is no target zone. So if this grant is awarded anyone within Jackson city limits, as long as you meet the income requirements, you would be eligible to apply for this loan. We're still waiting for the determination from the state as to whether or not we get the grant. We should find that out sometime next month. Go ahead and contact our office if you want we can put you on a waiting list. If we get the grant we can, we'll give you a call send you an email let you know that we got it and what the next steps are, and what the next steps are. Then when the applications are available we can forward that directly to you. We've been told our odds are really good, and that would be a nice addition especially with some of the construction costs that would help a lot.”

Schmidt says there is a lot going on in Jackson right now, and to stay tuned both for more information about these current projects and more on future projects as they come.