JCC Superintendent Shares Update On Schools Construction Projects And High School Resource Officer

Mon 11-22-2021 Jackson, Minnesota

(Jackson)- More details on local construction projects, focusing on the schools.

Listen here: Barry Schmidt Story Update/Resource Officer 11-22-21 

Barry Schmidt, Superintendent of JCC, shared some details about construction on the schools and about the new Resource Officer at the school as well. He says that while there were a lot of delays during the summer, things are moving along. Over at Riverside, construction of the preschool and daycare area should be completed by mid-January, along with new boilers in the school. Pleasantview Elementary is also seeing improvements, flooring was put on for the second floor, while no specific deadline on finishing that project has been given at this time.

Schmidt also spoke about some of the main goals of the construction...

“So the main goal, the biggest thing is we needed some more space so we can do the career tech-ed stuff, that we're trying to add for the hands on. A lot of the new standards are going to hands on and for kids developing skills in those areas, so we wanted to make sure we can bring that to our students and have that flexibility and just see that improvement in our buildings and their quality and stuff.”

The preschool and daycare also had the goal of really giving a good school based daycare to the community says Schmidt, something that had been asked for for a long time. Since the school was out of space they decided a dedicated daycare center was the way to go.

They are also looking at a career tech-ed addition to the high school.

The cold always threatens concrete work in the winter, but Schmidt says that it can be dealt with...

“They reassure us that the quality work will be there and there shouldn't be any issues. We're excited for it and I know they've been covering some of that cement overnight.”

Schmidt meets with the construction company each weeks for updates on construction and to make sure everything is going smoothly and says he has not seen any issues yet.

Along with the construction, the high school has also seen a new Resource Officer join their ranks. A Resource Officer looks to provide safety to the school while also forming a closer relationship between law enforcement and the younger generations...

“It also helps with the truancy stuff, and gives kids options so they can get better at attending and seeing some of those protocols put in place. And just also helping with any dangers that we may face coming down the road. He's doing a great job for us, continuing to build those relationships and give us support and we're trying this for two years so we'll see how it goes.”

The officer started on September 1st and so far has gone over well.