JCC Robotics Team To Take Part In Contest This Weekend

Thu 11-11-2021

(Jackson)- The robotics team has been around for 15 years and current teaching supervisor Alex Carr has been at the school for two years. 

The 17 member strong JCC Robotics team is a cross disciplinary club with spots in marketing, creating, and working with a team on long term projects. The creating of the robots is helped in part by local sponsors, which are contacted by members of the marketing division of the team. Leading members take part in a lot of the marketing, as well as creating courses for testing the robot the team creates. 

The team is given a theme for the contests and then given an 8 week period to design, prototype and test the robot they create. When they go to contests they are then expected to earn points by showing judges what their robot can do in terms of tasks that fit with the theme. Points are earned by how well the robot can perform the tasks. 

This competition will be taking place this Saturday, November 13th, at the Swiftel Center in Brookings, SD.