January Is Mentoring Month For The Kinship Of Martin County

Wed 1-12-2022

The Kinship Of Martin County is having their mentor month here in January, which is to recognize great mentors and the work they do. The kinship hopes people will consider being mentored themselves or becoming a mentor for a child. Becoming a mentor is a process, and Jen Kahler says there's somewhat of a matchmaking process...

kahler 1 

Once we get our mentees into our program we take time getting to know them a little bit getting to know their interests, getting to know some of their specific needs or interests they might have. When we get mentors that come into our program we do a very thorough interview and on boarding process with them which involves doing interviews doing background checks and spending a lot of time getting to know them as people as well.”

Kahler says that the goal is making sure that mentors and mentees are a good match for each other. She also talked a bit about the organization itself, to help people understand just what mentoring really is...

kahler 2 

We at kinship are a mentoring organization that serves the youth in Martin County ages five and up basically, and we get a chance to meet these kids and take time getting to know them and match them with an adult mentor who king of just becomes an adult friend and an additional support in their life that can encourage them, that can be another listening ear, can be somebody that can introduce them to some new things and new experiences that they might not otherwise get a chance to do.”

To learn more about mentoring or if your child is interested in getting a mentor, go to Kinship of Martin County dot com.