Jackson County Moves Towards Selling Fairgrounds Land To Jackson County Ag Society

Wed 1-18-2023

(Jackson)- Jackson County is looking to slowly transfer the fairgrounds to the Jackson County Ag Society, in a move that county officials say will make running the fair easier, while also helping out the county...

Lease Agreement 1 

For over a year now, the county and Ag Society have had discussions about potential future ownership of the fairgrounds by the Ag Society. The Ag Society would have a lot more flexibility as far as running the fair and events, and would also release the county of certain liabilities.

The deal would see the county transfer the land on a $1 lease to the Ag Society, then perhaps in the future see a real sale of the lands instead of just the lease. It is very common in Minnesota for an agricultural society to run and manage a county fair, and for them to also own the land where the far is set.