Jackson County Animal Protection Society Looking to Expand

Fri 6-25-2021

Jackson County Animal Protection Society is in need of financial help. Mathew Grisham has the story. JCAPS Story 


The Jackson County Animal Protection Society is an animal care organization set up by community members to care for stray animal populations, find homes for strays and more. They have taken up much of the responsibilities that a local animal shelter would usually perform, and thus have come to ask for financial help from the city or county. John Weland is one of the volunteers for JCAPS and says that the organization should be receiving help from the city...

“Well, as I said during the city council meeting, animal control is a municipality first responsibility, unfortunately our municipality has dropped the ball repeatedly. Where we’re at now is needing a building. We’re completely volunteer based right now and as you can imagine there’s more animals than there are volunteers.”

JCAPS tries to find homes for all the animals brought to their care, using a website and social media to get the word out about new foster animals...

“But when an animal is brought to our care, either actually brought to us or somebody contacts us by Facebook or phone, the first thing we try to do, we reach out to our foster network and put it out on social media that hey we’re looking for a home for Fluffy the cat who’s five years old, their vet history and try to find a home.”

JCAPS also has fundraisers at the Farmer’s Market in Ashley Park and other area events to help pay for the pets brought into their care. The group will also be opening an animal supply shop soon in downtown Jackson selling animal food, collars, leashes and more. 

If you would like to learn more, visit their Facebook page here

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