JACKed UP Nutrition Takes Over The Rest Stop In Jackson

Tue 9-20-2022

(Jackson)- There's a new owner of the local Rest Stop in town, and the location has been renamed to JACKed UP Nutrition. The new owner, Mindy Fett, says that some things will change and some will stay the same...

Fett 1 

“I changed The Rest Stop into something called JACKed UP Nutrition, kind of following the same idea as what Tom and Heidi Turner had for The Rest Stop but I'm incorporating a little bit more of the protein shakes, meal replacement, healthy energizing teas, all of that so, and we still have the infrared saunas and that is going as well.”

Fett says that this new business is also somewhat an extension to her other business here in town, previous winner of the Jackson Business Challenge Level 10 Fit...

Fett 2 

“I started that in Milford, Iowa and was lucky enough to win the business competition here in town to bring the gym to Jackson. I've always had a dream of opening a nutrition club in town and you just couldn't find the right space for it, there wasn't really anything available, and then this summer Tom and Heidi actually called me and asked me if I would be interested in purchasing it, me and my husband, and we met with them immediately and said yes we love this!”

Fett had previously been a teacher at Jackson County Central for eleven years and says that it was a big change for her, though she is excited for the new adventure. She hopes you check out JACKed UP Nutrition on Facebook, and the business will be getting a phone number in the coming days.