Damage In Local Areas Tallied Up From Storms

Fri 5-13-2022

(Lakefield, Mn.)– Ag producers in the area are tallying losses from the recent severe weather events. Linda Stuckenbroker of the Jackson County Farm Service Agency office tells us producers in certain areas of that county have been especially hit hard…

Stuckenbroker 1 (1) 

“In Jackson county for example we did have, you know, some loss of buildings and farm structures and grain bins. No death of livestock that I know of yet, but there could be, and it could be from lightning, even. It could be from flash flooding. So any type of livestock or any type of building losses, etcetera, they should, farmers should be calling their FSA offices to get those requests in.”

Stuckenbroker explains why it’s important that information be reported…

Stuckenbroker 2 (1) 

“Most of our ad-hoc or most of our disaster relief packages or disaster programs are based off of those types of designations for either physical loss or production losses of crops, which we don’t have too much right now because there’s nothing hardly planted. But we do also provide access to low interest emergency loans for any physical losses on building sites that have been damaged, etcetera.”

Stuckenbroker says ideally losses should be reported within 24 hours of when it occurred. She adds the reports should be filed with the FSA office in the county in which the loss occurred.