City of Jackson says frozen water lines still a concern

Tue 2-23-2021

Despite temperatures outside warming up, area residents are seeing more issues with water service lines freezing up.  Jackson City Administrator Matt Skaret says that we’re not out of the woods yet…Skaret frost cut 1 

“Even though the temperatures are warming up and people might think, oh, we’re out of the woods as far as having the water lines freeze and no, we’re not out of the woods yet.  The temperature of the water leaving the water plant is 46 degrees.  It travels through a series of pipes to get to your home.  In Jackson, when we need to worry, that’s when the frost gets to be about 55 inches deep.”


Right now in Jackson, the frost is about 50 inches deep.  Skaret explains how to check your water…Skaret frost cut 2 

“With the warmer weather coming, that tends to drive the frost deeper into the ground.  And so people do need to be vigilant, and a good way to tell is you can take a thermometer and measure the temperature of your water coming out of the faucet.  When it gets down to that 34-35 degree range  a person should start running water.”


Skaret outlines what to do if you’re at risk of having your lines freeze up…Skaret frost cut 3 

“Typically, a quarter gallon per hour or one gallon every four hours.  Often times you’ll hear leave a stream coming out of the faucet about the width of a pencil tip.  And that will help keep enough flow going through the water to lessen the likelihood that your pipes will freeze.  You’ll get a little bit higher water bill, but a little bit higher water bill is certainly a lot less expensive than having to call someone and unthaw a frozen water main.”


That was Jackson City Adminstrator Matt Skaret.  The city has a link to check frost depth at area sensors on their Facebook Page - City of Jackson MN-Government.