City Of Jackson Gives Update On Jackson Cycle Sewer

Wed 5-18-2022

(Jackson)- There was an update on that status of the sewer for Jackson Cycle here in town at the Jackson City Council meeting on Tuesday, with possible partial funding coming through the EDA if no other process works out. Matt Skaret from the city outlined what Mr. Clymer would have to do to seek that EDA forgivable loan...

Sewer 1 

So that was taken up at the EDA meeting last week. They basically approved doing a forgivable loan as a last resort, provided that the owner contacts the contractor and attempts to get full payment or reimbursement for the expense there and the contractor does not comply, but also contingent upon him if there is not compliance then filing a claim in reconciliation court and having that petition denied, and getting an easement from the school for running a sewer line on their property.

Definitely a long process for something First Ward Alderman Brandon Finck says is really not Mr. Clymer's fault...

sewer 2 

Harsh at the moment that an individual who had a perfectly functioning system that was advised supposedly to put it there now has to pay $5,000 dollars or whatever the round number is, $4,300, whatever the round number is, has to pay a bill to have a functioning system again when he didn't do a damn thing to it. That frustrates me.”

The metaphorical ball is in Mr. Clymer's court to pursue these three options, as for liability the cities hands are tied in reimbursing him, according to the city attorney.