As Temps Remain Variable, Drought Lessens Further

Mon 2-12-2024

(Jackson)- This week's weather looks to be a bit more variable before returning to more of the temperatures we all know and love this winter season. Today will see a high of 41, similar to tomorrow and Wednesday. Valentine’s Day Wednesday sees a 60 percent chance of rain, with low chances of snow mixed in, and by Friday there will be a high of just 26 as that cold front runs through the region. 

Luckily by the end of the week those temperatures begin to turn around, with 29 clocked in for Saturday and a jump back to 39 on Sunday. 

Recent precipitation has seen one major change as well on the US Drought Monitor Map for Minnesota, showing that for the first time in many many months, Nobles County is free of obvious drought. Precipitation and wet conditions as of late have led to Nobles County finally escaping a drought, especially in its western region which was plagued with moderate to severe drought for many months.