MN House 22B

Fri 10-16-2020

KKOJ reached out to both candidates for MN House 22B and both agreed to take part in our forum.  When we forwarded the questions, we received an emailed response from DFL Candidate Lynn Herrick rather than an interview.  Below are the recorded responses from Republican candidate Rod Hamilton and the emailed responses, cut and pasted, from DFL candidate Lynn Herrick.


Why do you want to represent this area in the Minnesota House/Senate?

Rod Hamilton - FORUM MN House 22B Rod 1 

Lynn Herrick - Because politics have become too divisive and no longer focus on the needs of the people who elected them. I plan to represent the interests of the people who elect me and stay focused on that. All good legislative work involves compromise and that has become a dirty word  at the legislature.


What do you see as the key issues facing Southern Minnesota right now?

Rod Hamilton - Forum MN House 22B Rod 2 

Lynn Herrick - Obvious health care, but also accessibility for it. Too often insurance offered by small employers are forced to have high copays and deductibles that make them unusable for the families. We need a system that can make that health care available and affordable to low income families.

The other big need in our region is Broad Band. In 2014 the legislature created the Border to Border Broadband Development Program. Six years later, 83% of the are in Nobles county has underserved or poorly served internet. Where is the leadership for that?


What do we do about it?

Rod Hamilton - FORUM MN House 22B Rod 3 

Lynn Herrick - We need to expand MNsure and other state insurance programs to allow more into them that would otherwise not have adequate insurance. The more families put off preventive health care, the more expensive the services are later

We need to work on helping the independent cooperatives to build a better Broadband system because corporate giants do not see the profit in it.


This past year has been incredibly difficult, and what started as a potentially very good year, and become one of the most divisive we’ve ever seen.  When looking at the pandemic, what do you think the Governor did well? 

Rod Hamilton - FORUM MN House 22B Rod 4 

Lynn Herrick - It is easy to criticize the actions taken, forgetting that this is a once in 100 years pandemic. We MUST follow CDC and state regulations if we ever believe that we will get this illness behind us. I have not time for those who cry about independ rights in a time of crisis. Forcing compliance appears to be the only option.


What areas could have been better?

Rod Hamilton - FORUM MN House 22B Rod 5 

Lynn Herrick - **See Above**


Why do you deserve our vote for MN House 22B?

Rod Hamilton - FORUM MN House 22B Rod 6 

This is a surprise question that is not included as part of the list sent to the candidates.  As such, we unfortunately do not have response from candidate Lynn Herrick.