SPFL season is canceled

Sun 5-17-2020

FAIRMONT - Officials of the Southern Plains Football League have canceled the 2020 season.

Throughout the spring, the SPFL Board of Directors discussed various options for the league to hold a season.

The start date was moved from May 2 to June 6 and the schedule was pared from eight regular-season games and three playoff rounds to five games and two playoff rounds.

The board set a hard date of May 16 to make a final decision and the decision was to cancel the season.

The statement from the league read:

"It is within the best interests of the Southern Plains Football League, its teams (players/coaches/staff), its fans and the communities that we play in, to cancel the 2020 season. This was a very hard decision to make but teams needed time to raise funds to cover the seasons expenses, and players need the practice time to get into shape in all efforts to reduce the risk of injuries. With the SPFL spanning over three states and, and not all three states on the same page as it relates to sporting activities, social distancing and groups of 10 or more our hand was essentially dealt to us, and although we tried to play the hand out, we are forced to fold the 2020 hand we have been dealt."

The SPFL is planning to resume play in 2021.

The league has been in operation for 20 years under three different names, Windom Football League, Great Plains Football League and Southern Plains Football League.

Plans were for 12 teams split into two six-team divisions this season.

In the East Division were the Albert Lea Grizzlies, North Iowa Bucks, Central Iowa Chiefs, Mid Western Wildcats, Mountain Lake Lakers and Med City Freeze.

Making up the West Division were the Buffalo Ridge Wildcats, Dakota Bulldogs, Tri-State Buffalos, Watertown Rebels, Sioux Empire Crusaders and Madison Warriors.