October returns to cooler weather

Mon 11-4-2019

October’s weather was slightly cooler than normal with almost triple the precipitation.

Average high temperature for the month was 53.9 degrees, almost six degrees cooler than the average high of 59.5 degrees.  Average low was 36.2, almost 2 degrees below the average low of 38.7.  The highest temperature recorded was 74 degrees, which we hit on the first day of the month.  The lowest was 17, which we hit on the 31st.

There were 9 days in October with measureable precipitation, totaling 6.15 inches.  Average precipitation for the month is 2.17 inches.  Normally, we receive around 3/4” of snow in October, but received none this year.  Last year, we received 2.34” of rain in October with 2” of snow falling on October 14th.  Temperatures this year were slightly higher than last year.