JCC Schools open to increased numbers

Tue 9-3-2019

Today marks the first day of classes at Jackson County Central, and new Superintendent Barry Schmidt says that enrollment is up…Barry Cut 1 

“Yeah, the enrollment looks good, we’re up probably about 5-10 students in each building, which is good.  It allows us to give some flexibility to spend some more dollars towards our kids and then programming for our students.”


Schmidt said that everything went smoothly getting ready for the School Year…Barry Cut 2 

“The admin team has done a great job getting our school ready for the Grade-alike, and ensuring our kids get on the right buses and transportation so they’ve been really working diligently with Palmer Bus so that our kids are there safe.  And then thank you to our custodians for getting our buildings ready and transferring all the school supplies to each building.”


The biggest change this year is the new Grade-Alike…Barry Cut 2 (1) 

“So what we’re doing this year is at Riverside in Jackson is K-3 with also Pre-school there, so all the students will be there K-3 through the district.  Then we go to Pleasantview, we’ll have 4-5 grade there from the district in Lakefield and then we’ll also have a 6-8 Middle School in Lakefield there so the kids will be at those schools, then we’ll transfer back over here 9-12 at the High School.  It gives us more efficiency, actually some more professional learning time with our teachers and make sure that we are reaching the students at a high level and making sure they are ready to prepare our students for the future.”